CATCH successfully submitted our FY2017 COC Application! In total we applied for $3,404,794 in funding for projects ranging from Permanent Housing, Transitional Housing, Supportive Services, HMIS, and COC Planning.  Special thanks are due to our Rank & Review Committee, comprising Theresa Watson, Melissa Ervin, and Doris Turner, for their hard work in reviewing, scoring, and ranking all the applications. Special thanks also to Doris Turner for leading the process of writing our COC Planning Grant, which if funded will help us continue our forward momentum as a continuum.

The final version of the Application and the Project Priority Listing are attached (also attached is a simple one-page project ranking).

It will be several weeks if not months before we hear the results of the Tier 1 funding round, which should be followed a few weeks after that by a Tier 2 funding announcement. The results will be posted here, but to receive them as soon as they come out please sign up for the HUD email listserv here.