In our continuing efforts to prepare a competitive COC Program funding application, our board has identified the need to establish a Governance Charter to meet a HUD requirement. This requirement is particularly relevant to our eligibility to receive a COC Planning Grant in the upcoming competition (see page 26 of the NOFA). CATCH already has in place By-Laws, an HMIS Governance Agreement, and Articles of Incorporation. In order to avoid duplication and confusion, the proposed CATCH Governance Charter specifically references these other documents, and joins them to form the “Governance Documents” of CATCH. The Governance Charter complements the other documents by adding policies that specifically respond to HUD requirements.

I have attached a draft of the proposed Governance Charter below. I have also attached copies of the other Governance Documents for your reference. I intend to entertain a motion to approve this Governance Charter at next week’s membership meeting (Friday, August 12, at 9:00 a.m. at the Willie Hinton Neighborhood Resource Center on West 12th Street in Little Rock).

Please review the proposed Governance Charter and let me know if you have any questions.

Ben Goodwin
CATCH President
501-374-7383 ext 209

CATCH Proposed Governance Charter

CATCH HMIS Governance Agreement

CATCH Articles of Incorporation